Paroles It's Amateur Night At the Apollo Creed!

Le - Par .

Here's a new idea, I've got news for you:
There's no free rides tonight

If you're strapped for cash, I've got a job for you:
My boots need shining son

Sit down, shut up
Oh, where do we begin?
The streets are full of anything you want

The city lies inviting you right in
Don't be afraid, don't be afraid

You can put your hands up
I love girls with Brooklyn haircuts
I'll be your fanclub
Step, step-- you're too slow
Speed it up

Here's your new position:
There's no need for you to waiti in line tonight at Misshapes

What's up? Where's your dancing shoes?
The kiddies get it on

All you wanted, I got
It would have never been enough for you anyway
Godspeed to finish what you started
There's no competition because you're not even in my league.
Fall into slow step, speed it up.

You can throw your fangs up

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