Paroles Stranger Things Have Happened

Le - Par .

Don’t…… try to hide

Your feelings

The way that I do

Please…. open your mind

And let…. me in it with you

Waking up together

Imagine it it this way

We could both swap memories

And stay in bed all day

Stranger things have happened x2

If… you go away

I won’t cry

And I won’t grieve

Faith… is a word

It means nothing

If you refuse to believe

We could say I made you and stop these silly games

In a foreign country, where no-one knew our names

Stranger things have happened x2

This is self-inflicted

Why must our hearts be blue?

Sometimes when out drinking I fool myself that…

I’ll forget you

Stranger things have happened x5

Lyrics © Reekus Music Ireland

Paul Cleary