Paroles We Go High

Le - Par .

(We love you, love you, love you, God
We lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-love you, God
We love you, love you, love you, God
We lo-lo-love you, lo-love you, God
We love you, God, we love you, God, we love you, God
We love you, love you, love you, God)

My baby momma went celibate
Lies on my breath, she say she couldn't take the smell of it
Tired of the rumors, every room had an elephant
Tryna find her shoes, rummagin' through the skeletons
She took away sex, took me out of my element
I tried to do the single-dad mingle-dance
At the club with the iron in my wrinkle pants
You can fall much faster than you think you can
Big hands for my ring, I'ma need a Pringles can
I just want the shine back like an Eagles fan
My ego like "Ah damn, there he go prayin' again, again, the same ol' thang"
I mean I ain't gon' promise that the pain go away
And you can take your sweet time, but she ain't gon' wait
'Cause a new coat of paint, don't make the stain go away
But he go high, and we go high
They go low, we go High, yeah, high, yeah

My wife nanny like Fran Drescher
Three damn Grammies, my granny like "No pressure"
So much style, my stylist got no dresser
Fuck going straight to the pros, I'm professor
Fuck bein' one of the G.O.A.T.'s, I'm Gotenks
Tried to try that with my girl, she "No thanks"
Dropped the bomb, I couldn't find a Tom Hanks
Got me pressed, tryna find a Von Frank
Who the fuck rocked the boat? It's gon' sank
Shootin' at me point blank with those blanks
They don't take teenage angst at no banks
Tried some new hues, like Langston gon' paint
You gotta' come harder than that

Ah, ah, ah, aah, aah
It's two different things, it's too bad, and it's so sad
It's too bad, and it's so sad
It's two things, it's too bad, and it's so sad

We give the glory to you God
One livin' true God, he make us Booyah
Throw up the woo like U-God
They pop up statues and stones, tryna make a new God
I don't need a EGOT, as long as I got you God
Deep breathe the Wu-Zop
Pretty sure I need you in the season, like a flu-shot
I just sit and wait, like I'm with Kirsten when she shoe shop
Know you always with me, like how Diddy be with Blue Dot
Got us movin' 'round without the straps, like a tube-top
Got me big comfy like Molly's couch
Floatin' 'round the city like Malcolm X, Dali'd out
They highly doubt, I guarantee it
This the part of my life, my lifetime movie prolly' 'bout
When they come to jump a board, I won't ollie out
I too was once a snotty nose with a potty mouth
One day you get one oak, then pop it out
And poppin' out don't seem as popular as just passin' out
When time get rationed out you get rational
Folks become pageants inside the fashion house
They start the clash, and you let 'em hash it out
But stay passive, so if they crash you got a fasten belt (huh)
Lord bless my lineage, let me be the skinniest
Let me get some time with him, let him know who Kenny is
Children born in ones you thought like arrows in the hands of a warrior
Boy I got an extendo with a long nose like Phineas
Kids proud like Penny is, me bein' CC, I need like 20 twins
Got her in my family like Indian
Fell it in your gut, like when you uppercut Ballchinians
Speakin' of guts, her's pokin' out like linean, the red shirt
I don't have to teach you a lecture, about how sex works
I found out diamonds make pressure
I used to dive head first, just know I had to let go of the flesh first
It's true God, this union was for you god
We standin' at the at the stoop and want to make it to the rooftop
You told us bring some people through, we tried to bring a few God
We tried to form a new bar, just tell us what to do God

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

Chancellor Johnathan Bennett, Nate Fox, Ben Lusher, Mike Servin, Peter Cottontale, Nico Segal, Darius Scott