Paroles Juke Juke

Le - Par .

Chance The Rapper
Ten day
Ohh Igh

She working that thang
She know she got it
'Lil mama so bad
You know she naughty
Her do it so slow
Now watch her take it
She giving a show
Now watch her break it

Back it up like, juke juke
Three, four, "juke juke
Hands on the tracks like Choo Choo
Can't nobody do it like you do
True, true
Mama sip a little bit of the screw juice
Or a little bit of that Special K
And throw it in the bowl like fruit loops
Hola, mami chula
Mami hol'up, mami slow up
'Scuse my french, my lingo
But I no hable cinco
Her girlfriends say they bout it, you know that I'm bilingual
And Chano gonna mingle, I'm off a couple pintos
The bad hoes out on Saturday, it's church on domingo
So while they out her frontin' go on back it for your mans
'Cause even when your friends actin' funny you gon' dance like

Break it down
Chi-Town break it down
Chi-Town break it down
Break it down
Break it down
Chi-Town break it down
Chi-Town break it down
Break it down

Bust it, bust it
Wide open, open
I been hopin', hopin' shorty goin' goin'
She from lowend oh an'
Went to Kenwood? Me too
Nah I'm lyin', she say she got somebody bitch
Me too
I hope that that shit do work out man
'Cause this that new new workout plan
And I'm that dude, you heard bout
And I hope that get your shirt off and if not
Keep on dancin' babe, all I need is that preview
Put you on the floor and show them niggas how to freak you
Slow whine, slow grind
On time, you can take your own time
But if I can't hit your ass on time
Gotta hit me online, you can't hit my phone line

Lyrics © Non Skip Muzik