Paroles Could it be you

Le - Par .

Close my eyes
I try to hide
I'm listening to my voice inside
What's on to tell me right or wrong
I need to know where I belong
For all the days I ran away
I never dare to ask me who could I be
Who can bring back the love that's inside me

Could it be you
Or do I lose my way
I'm here but colorblind
Could it be you
Or do I break away
So leave the past behind
I only wanna feel the sunlight stop the fight and see it in your eyes
Wish I just knew what I should do
Could it be you
Somebody tell me if it's true I don't have a clue
Could it be you

Too many things said and done
Sure if you could be the one
To dry the tears I left behind
To chase these demons off my mind

I see your face
Touch your skin
Is this a fight
We both can't win
Sometimes the truth is miles apart
But it's hard to break your heart


Baby I don't wanna waste your love
Though it's hard to just walk on
Well will this hurt be never ending
Where do I belong


Maybe it is me
Used to plan to see that it's you
For everything I am everything I need lies in you

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