Paroles Get Down

Le - Par .

[Busta Rhymes]
Hey yo, ah to my people on the left (get down!)
Uh-huh, to my people on the right (get down!)
Uh-huh, ah to my people in the middle (get down!)
Check it

You see a fresh off the grill nigga keeping it hot
Now watch it spread all through the hood I'm back controlling the block
With one of rap's greatest ever Timbaland production
Y'all niggas know just what to do, go 'head, follow instructions
When the God's in the building (get down!)
Uh-huh, I know you niggas know the feeling (get down!)
Alright, and if you ready and you willing (say yo!)
Okay, throw your hands to the ceiling (get down!)
Alright, go 'head and stack another million (get down!)
Jumping around like you ain't really caring (get down!)
Ladies ripping off everything they wearing (hey yo!)
I'm on top of the throne nigga, you know I ain't sharing (get down!)
Now you know, I wanna hear you say it
I wanna hear my motherfuckers say it
A lil' louder motherfuckers say it
C'mon, a lil' louder nigga, say it

Until the block start blowing blowing up (get down!)
Uh-huh, and everybody throwing up (get down!)
'Til they got the fire Marshall showing up (get down!)
Or until the club start closing up (get down!)
Okay, see how a nigga walk through 'em when the beat put a spark to him
Let me just talk to 'em (ladies) quit'cha man
Go 'head put them plans off (ladies) well okay
Go 'head and piss your man off (ladies)
Take your pants off and shake it for 'em (shake it like a dog for 'em)
And put your ass on 'em (shake it like a dog for 'em)
Go 'head and spaz on 'em (shake it like a dog for 'em)
Now put the mash on 'em (shake it like a dog for 'em)
Okay, now from the root to the tree to the top of the building
See they ain't fuckin with me killa (hit 'em)
Boom bap as far as you can see, got 'em bouncing and hopping
Nigga you can't stop me scrilla (hit 'em)
Well okay, and if you with me say it
I wanna hear my muh'fuckers say it
A lil' louder muh'fuckers say it
C'mon, a lil' louder nigga, say it

Yeah, well okay, and while you niggas party shit I spit a jewel for the thug
Before a nigga try to front make sure your tool in the club
That ain't the basis of this shit, though it's true when it's love
They'll have you niggas whyling like a fucking fool on the drug
Now if you with me motherfucker (get down!)
Uh-huh, we gettin gizzle motherfucker (get down!)
Word to God, we make it sizzle motherfucker (get down!)
Uh-huh, I'm on my grizzle holla back (ow!)
Well okay, see how the God bounce back while you niggas just sound sloppy
Giving you niggas shit they'll be knowin you can't copy
The way the God be spilling all over the track
Get off my dick, tell your bitch holla back (ow!)
C'mon, violate with me up in the spot is a no-no
A lot of niggas shit trash, sounding all so-so
Shining so much D's taking my photo
Lower the brim of my fitted while I try to be low-pro
We getting mo' cheddar while you stunting with no dough
Gotta skip the line shit moving in slow-mo
Shorty whyling out, try to hit with a low blow
With her crotch on my thigh, rubbing all on her
Shake yo shit 'til you fall on the flo'
Sho' we be fucking class bitches, I ain't fucking with no hoe
Bust two shots - let me hear it (BO! BO!)
'Til the security get para' when they calling the po'-po'
If you with me say it
I wanna hear my motherfuckers say it
A lil' louder motherfuckers say it
C'mon, a lil' louder nigga, say it

(Get down) [Repeat: x4]
(ladies) [Repeat: x3]
(shake it like a dog for 'em) [Repeat: x3]
(Hit 'em) [Repeat: x4]

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., OLE MEDIA MANAGEMENT LP