Paroles Till It's Gone

Le - Par .

Till it's gone!

Hey yo yo yo yo
It was the first shine on the day of my birth I entered the earth blind,
Funerabole to everything I would first find,
Condition of beating nigga's having the wurst mind,
Becoming weak like we scavengers of the wurst kind,
From having nothing to plot and making the earth mine, making the earth mine,
That's kinda big aspirations for a nigga that's just kinda got on his first grind,
But it's alright cause I'm blowing hold on my first shine,
Kinda gas quicker than spas ready to burst mine,
And though it seems like obstacles come at the wurst time,
Going from being successful to committing the wurst crime,
So quick like a bitch massaging ya whole dick and busting up,
And it's over sabotaging ya own shit,
We always good when we get it and then abuse and regret it,
Cause it's quick as we get it we fucking lose it,
That's what my mother used to tell me.


Seeing a flash that could take it from you like hocus-spocus,
So count your blessings and baby I hope you stay in focus,
Wide awake like I'm drinking cappuccino mucus,
Taking on more stress and get to be come and smoke us,
Hhhee, like the shit that the setup straight provoc us,
And fall ripped them to the shit till it's light full and choke it,
A promise you find truth when you done digging it out,
Stop the shiffering nigga I think I'd just figured it out,
You see we thug visicily and mentally soft keep lies to yourself,
So that your worth and value is lost,
Sometime the feeling of the city is wrong,
Why we appriciet them all nnow tupac & biggie is gone,
Somehow I'm seeing it clear I would have rather this value,
Them so much as both of these nigga's is here yeah,
We always good when we get it and then abuse and regret it,
Cause it's quick as we get it we fucking lose it, listen


Yo that's what my mother used to always tell me,
Extend your hand for the worry and blessing if they need you,
Never take life fore granted and bite the hand that feeds you,
Be causios how you treath people and how the people feel you,
Respect niggas or else the karmarus is coming to kill you,
You got it good baby just get your shit together,
Before you lose it and it's over and gone forever,
Dressed for the stormy weather feel the songs,
For everyone is personal like I was just writing myself a letter,
A lot of niggas is wilding and calling a name with disrespect,
Cashing and blighting and trowing salt in the game I'm saying,
I'm dealing with logic I hope you ain't thinking I'm rude,
Lets stop ruin the greatest thing that's been given us food,
Cloth and a shelter when its cold whe be staying warm,
Imaging if they just take the music and rap was gone,
We always good when we get it and then abuse it,
I wont let it cause precious and I ain't ready to lose it, listen

Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.