Paroles Riot

Le - Par .

[Busta Rhymes]
Come on, yea, ha, ya, Busta Rhymes baby, yea, ha
It's Flipmode baby, yea, come on
We bout to cause a riot nigga

[Busta Rhymes]
Got a lot of niggas rollin' with ya holla
Cause you know we ripped it hotter than them other niggaz
Spot a nigga getting dollars not another nigga
can do it the way that we cocked and shot another nigga
Think he deserved the way he was boppin with a cherry copper
glitter blood fella send a cop to get 'em
It's funny the way the iron just to drop you quicker
Why I hit y'all with the fire, think I got a winner
Stacking a crib with a chick that make a proper dinner
Black in the range with tint, and chrome aqua spinnin'
Parked right next to the Benz with a soap opera and the TV
up in the dash co-starring a opera singer
That be the type of bullshit I be on and stay hot
I stop whippin' a Bentley to whip a Mercedes Maeboch
And keep runnin' around the street like my name was Mel Patch nigga
Come through your hood and take your whole block, come on
And while we give it to ya

[Chorus: Busta Rhymes]
While with me (Come on)
My niggas stack money to the sky with me (Come on)
My niggas in the place need to riot with me (Come on)
And set the whole fire with me (Come on)
All of my ladies in the beauty salon look bomb put yo shit on
And wait up in the line for me (Come on)
You come all in the party lookin' fine for me (Come on)
Holdin 'Gnac spill a little red wine for me

[Bridge: x9]
Let's cause a riot
Yo, Yo, Yo, Yo (Come on)

[Busta Rhymes]
It's bout to get a little bit better, start to get a little cheddar
Pack a big Beretta
Check a nigga resume doin' a alphabet-ah
Go order and brandish the metal hid into ya leather
No matter or whether or not you wearin' a vest
So you got your hand on the cannon I got a bigger plan for ya
Call up my mans for ya, now watch you vanish
Makin' you family ask for ya
You think you family pay a couple of grand for ya?
Like you afraid to hold a mac, like you were made to hold a gat
We made a hole and quickly dug out all the sand for ya
The heat'll be makin' you put it on the glass shorty
Wiggle somethin' and get to showin' a little ass for me (Bling!)
Now lets get on and open smokin' and blast for thee
Niggas will really want it and fill the capacity
You muthafuckin' know it has to be
The way we touch it y'all niggas knowing exactly who the master be
And while we give it to ya


[Bridge: x9]
Let's cause a riot
Yo, Yo, Yo, Yo (Come on)

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