Paroles Decision

Le - Par .

I made a decision, despite all the things that we go through
I'm going to take more time with you, and be a friend indeed
I made a decision, that everything will be alright
Going to stay strong and keep it tight, I'll be there indeed

Let me talk to you, when it feels like the sun ain't shining bright enough
It's like the devil's trying to work to give ?
And though I'm blessed, I still gotta handle of things I go through
It's good to have a friend, with another perspective to show you
Someone you know that knows you, and gives you motivation
Someone that you can go to, and vent your frustration
We always talk about our peeps, how we be everywhere
When you need 'em the most, are they really ever there?
See, every thing be all good when we be havin' fun
The difference is really needing a friend than having one
It's good when your peoples are there to help your problems
And help you smile about it while finding a way to solve it
Look at hear, let me keep it at 100 and let me tell ya
How you hold me down is something I genuinely value
I got a clearer view, and being that you're always here for me I'll be here for you


Well, how you been baby? But I'm sayin'
Even though we probably link up every now and then
With minimal convo, look it's real good to see you friend
Something that we allow that I don't even have to mention
Is whether or not you got me, that's something that I never question
Sometimes I feel that the people that I love don't appreciate me
And some hate to see the shit I've been going through lately
See you was here, when it started to haywire
You're still here, walking with me going through the fire
And I really love you for it, I know you all relate too
On everything that I believe and I appreciate it you
And just for that, it don't matter you can put that on my name
The way you rep me, let me be there just for you the same
Sometimes the pressure and the pain, it be wearin' me out
But I thank you for just bein' there and for hearin' me out
I got a clearer view, I thank God that you're here for me and I'm here for you


I, look in your eye, and I see the pain in it
Life's a game, maybe the game did it
I know I changed, they say the fame did it
Life's changed, maybe the game did it
Two friends, now in two different places
And the mister catchin' planes, and you catching cases
Friendship, we never based it on position
No matter the game, we both shared the same vision
Decisions to split us in the place that life seemed to hit us
I would come to town and never get up, with you
Around then, things weren't so simple
I had my own issues that I was trying to get through
Outside chatter, messing with our mental
On the chase of ? trust, you can't forget to
It's the real friends, that you've got to tend to
No matter how far, just know that I'm with you


I made a decision

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, REACH MUSIC PUBLISHING