Paroles Who Is She To U (Recall Version)

Le - Par .

Get on down
Get on down
Get down
What we bout to do is just
Just, uh, just get on down

Don't even think about callin' me crazy
You know you peeped that lady, yeah (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
And when I turned and look at you, you tried
To play it off but I can tell that you two were friends (ah)
She was just too nervous
She was lookin' like she was hurt
Like the memory had surfaced (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
It kinda got her pissed (Yeah, yeah)
I'm kinda wonderin' myself
And your really no help
Tell me how you two know each other so well (Yeah, yeah)
Cause I want to know now (Yeah)
You better start talkin' (Yeah, yeah)

[Chorus: x2]
Who is she to you (Yeah)
Don't lie to me
Who is she to you
My eyes can see
Something's going on between you two (Something's goin' on)
I think you better let me know
That's fa sho (Yeah, yeah, yeah)

No matter how hard you try you can't hide it
There's no way you can deny it, oh no no (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Then you want to flip and call me insecure
I'm only buggin' because you are so suspicious (yeah, yeah)
Then ya say I don't trust ya
Can't understand why I would cuss ya
And come off so demandin'
But baby I can be, yeah (Yeah)
Now tell me what did you not say
You're wrong in the first place
For lookin' too hard over that way (Hard over that way)
And you better tell me what the deal is, oh (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)


Damn right I want to know her name (Ah)
Tell me how you know her baby (Ah)
Why did she make that face (Ah)
You were looked ashamed (Ah, ooh)

What are you not saying boy (Ah, ooh)
I'm really not playin' boy (Ah, ooh, ooh)
Gotta know right now (Ah, ohh, ohh)
You better start explainin' boy


Get on down
Get on down, see'mon
We goin' get on down
We goin' get on down (Oh)
We goin' get on down (Oh)
We goin' get on down (Oh)
Timbo the king,
Brandy the queen
We goin' get on down (Oh)
We goin' get on down (Oh)
We out

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