Paroles Say You Will

Le - Par .

I never met a guy so sweet
Someone who knocks me of my feet
I never knew that it could be, not until I met you baby
You never met a girl like me, I only want to make you happy
I never knew that I could be free,not until I met you baby

(All I want to do)likely all that I want to do is (Is spend all my time with you)
Every second,every minute,every hour
I can't let you get away, ain't goin' nowhere,I need your loving everyday

Oh yes I do

Say you could feel the way I feel for you (yeah)
Say you will do the things you promised to (yeah)
Say you love me the way that I love you (say)
Say you will , say you will

Never knew a love like you (to do the things that you do)
You never seem to lose your touch,That's why I love you babyyy
I travel around the whole wide world ,and I say that I'm your girl
Never had these feelings,not until I met you baby



Baby all I want to do , is spend all my life with you
Have three four kids like you, and have some more if you want me to
I done gave up everything ,so now it's time to give me that ring
So baby say what you feel about me ,say


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