Paroles Holographic Entrypoint

Le - Par .

Vessel, host, occidental guests
Figure and field, both, carrier, carried
Holographic paradigm
The whole in every part

Warm, viscous body, cooling
In marine air embrace
Curing, skinning over
A still molten core

Vessel, host, occidental guests
Skin seascape in suspension
Holographic entry point
Each part reflects the whole

Skin slit, consensual knife
She cuts his figure, he flenses her field
External resistance freeing
Internal relation emerging

Vessel, host, occidental guests
To pattern, comes blood, giving form
Holographic condition
The whole in every part

Warm blood, terrestrial guests
Take to the southern sea, breathing
Antarctic host and vessel, proud
Cetacean guests returning

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Bjork Gudmundsdottir