Paroles How Much

Le - Par .

One candle burns brightly
It flickers and it almost dies like me
Alone against the wind
But this moment has magic
It's keeping that flame alive
As we hold on to the night

There'll be another day, we'll have another chance
But not like this, no; nothing can compare
To the way I feel right now
Do you feel the same way I do? Tell me

How strong, how strong do you want it to be?
How do, how do you want to hear it from me?
How long, how long, and, baby, tell me, how deep?
How much love do you want from me?

Somebody must have scared you
Left you wounded and afraid to love again
You are just like me
'Cause nobody ever held me
So close so desperately, and I
I never held anybody like you



How much love do you want from me?
One tender moment is all I need
This world's gone crazy, baby, shelter me
You've gotta shelter me


[Chorus: x2]

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