Paroles Casualty of Love

Le - Par .

Mama used to tell me tales
'Bout a part of town
Where people cry the blues
Most everyday
She said, "Don't go down there, boy
You know, love will cut you down
And you ain't yet a man, hear what I say."
She said, "Listen to me, son, it's so
Let me tell ya, I've been down there
And I know."

That on love street they've got signs
That say "watch for falling victims"
Dreams get run down in the night
Lord, and yours might be the next one
Down where lies'll cut you deep
And goodbyes are loaded guns
You can take one through the heart
Another casualty of love

But, still, I had to find out
Just how a love would feel
I got tangled in the arms
Of one gone bad
Now I sit and wait and wonder
As I cry myself to sleep
Why I couldn't heed what my mama said
Now her every word rings clear and true
Now I've come to realize what love can do

And why love street still got signs

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