Paroles Under the Hood

Le - Par .

Well my first love was a little Corvette
All done up in lipstick red
I thought it'd last forever 'til the motor blew
Well I guess I didn't look close enough
It's a little bit just like falling in love
Looks don't mean a thing, if the heart ain't true

It might be a cool ride, smooth lines,
Something been custom made out in Hollywood
But when you get done gazing at he outside
You better start checking out the inside
If you want a love built to last, you better look real good
And see what's under the hood

Sporty little model standing by the door
So I took her for a spin on the old dance floor
Headlights shining bright but nobody home
Now I need something that's more my speed
Got a whole lotta time to find what I need
So I put her in park and headed on off for home

[Chorus: x2]

You better look real good, and see what's under the hood

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