Paroles Outro

Le - Par .

Let em kno' you're ready
Watch the show
You recordin'
How long you been recordin'

Oh good
I want everybody to watch the M-T-V holly hood show
3 6 mafia
Ya ya ya keep it live baby
You've jus' been a victim of the new Lil' Wyte album
The one and only
Yes sir
Its goin' down
Bumpin' harder than a motherfucker
That's crazy

Be on the lookout for a new up and commin album
The new 3 6 mafia album the last to walk
I don't know if it will be in stores now
or in stores right after this or sometime close around this
Go get the project pat album that's in stores right now
Cooked by the books

Its not promoted but its in stores so you kno' what I'm sayin' go get it
Project pat
Comin' up right after this the new frayser boy album

You kno' what I'm sayin'
Well I don't know wat else
Streets of memphis movin'
And somthin', shit
We needa get more artists
We needa get somethin'
I don't know what else is comin' up
We need more artists
But uh that's pretty much it
So hollatcha
Enjoy this shit
Shut the fuck up!

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