Paroles Movin' On

Le - Par .

Wandering in a poker game
Lost me in a bet
Feeny got the nerve to turn around and get upset
Movin' on, yeah, movin' on
You practice law without a license
Psychology too
But your PHD isn't givin' me the blues
Movin' on
Oh, movin' on

Go to third-world countries
Kickin' three-legged dogs
'Bout three p.m you're living high on the hog
Held out for so long, movin' on

You may have learned to hustle
But you never learned to dance
When you fight the Lord you don't get a second change
I may be right, I may be wrong
Movin' on

You get away with murder
You got a way with words
Speaking in a language that nobody's ever heard
Just singin' that same old song
Movin' on

Ten reasons to stay here
Eleven to leave
Not waitin' around for you to give me a reprieve
No more stringin' us along
Movin', movin' on


Benjamin Chase Harper