Paroles Free At Last

Le - Par .

I'm free, thank god almighty
Free at last, free, free, free, free
Oh, I give your name the praise
Free at last

Free, free, free, free,
Thank god almighty
Free at last

Thank god almighty, free at last
Let me say I am
Free, free, free, free, free, free, free
Thank you lord, yeah, yeah, no

Free, free, free, free
Thank you, thank you Jesus, the lord oh, yeah
Oh, how you pick me up, turn me around
Place my feet on solid ground
Yes you did and yes you did, yes you did

Hey, took me out of the muddy clay
Set me on a rock to stay yes you did, yes you did, yes you did

Oh, you blessed my soul with plenty of love
Gave me wings to fly above
Yes you did, yes you did, yeah

I love your name, I love your name [Repeat: x3]
Whoa, I'm free, free
Yes, my love can't justify the king, yes I

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