Paroles Gunshot (Fiesta Riddim)

Le - Par .

Anyone in the place tonight
You don't wanna be a witness
Then walk away (Akon!!!)
'Cause I'm a soldier that love to fight
And anyone in my path will die today

Be my AK (Gunshot!)
Be my AK (Gunshot!)
Be my AK (Gunshot!)
Be my AK (Gunshot!)

Have you ever spent one day on my block
Had to make good with crooked-ass cops
Witness innocent bystanders get shot
Made a livin', ready or not

(To stay true) to all my niggas
Things gettin' hard but we're still grindin' up
(To stay true) to all my niggas
We done came up and cop cribs by the river

Before the Feds came down on we
True badman nuh counterfeit G's
Maybe once, stick around
And trust you will see (that)


So playboy, don't make me pull your card (OK!!!)
Buss a shot and separate your squad (OK!!!)
Gangstas never know who you are (OK!!!)
And where you from ain't never made you hard (OK!!!)

You could be from Africa or Asia (OK!!!)
America back a yard in Jamaica (OK! OK!!!)
You could be fron unda di equator (OK!!!)
Regardless, I will see you later (OK! OK!!!)

See you can run but it's hard to hide (OK! OK!!!)
What will kill you inside (OK! OK!!!)
Wait a minute 'til you stand up right (OK! OK!!!)
That's why we nuh 'fraid of warning signs (OK! OK!!!)


Badman we a multiply, we nuh fear di law or a rugula guy
So we mash di place, rud di place, bun di place, dun di place
Top shotta we a ready to hide
And we nuh easy joy and nuh 'fraid to ride
So we mash di place, run di place, bun di place, dun di place


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