Paroles Those Were The Days

Le - Par .

We ain't lovers no more
We don't laugh no more
We don't play no more
We don't make-up no more
We don't kiss no more
We don't hug no more
You don't please me no more
You don't touch no more
Give me chills no more
We don't go out no more
We don't kick it no more
We don't dance no more

I remember
Walking through the park
Just shooting the breeze
Kissing in the shade
Those were the days
Lounging in the den
Breakfast in the bed
You let me have my way
Those were the days

If you don't want me no more
Don't come round no more
Just don't call no more
Don't come knockin' up at my door
After ten or so
What you knockin' for?
We don't kick it no more
You ain't cute no more
You ain't fly no more
You ain't got it like that no more
See in your clothes you don't


Those were the days
Those were the days
I said those were the days
I said those were the days
Those were the days
Those were the days
What's up with this baby?
You done changed on me (you done changed)
This ain't the way it used to be, baby

You don't know me no more
You can't lie no more
Ain't gon' try no more
Won't have to say goodbye no more
You gotta hit the road
Hate to see you go
I ain't the one to mess with no flow
Don't take pictures no more
Don't hold hands no more
This is the end of the road


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