Paroles "From a Woman's Hand" - Trey Songz

Tell me why when you put a camera on a thug
The first thing out of his mouth
Is I wanna thank my mama
And some say that causes drama
But its subliminal
There's no efforts needed
It's like pouring water on the ground that's seeded
And you know it happens all the time
So I need to ask this question

Why oh why is it hard for dudes to always be around
Tell me how can a boy be a man
Only getting fed from a woman's hands
Tell me what do you think will happen
When you don't come around
Its gonna be hard for a boy to be a man
Only getting fed from a woman's hand

Now tell me what turns a boy into a thug
Just as soon as he leave the house
See he don't have a man to give him little rules
So he don't be running in and out
But it's okay 'cause mama's there
And mama's doing the best she could ever do
But the funny thing is when it's all said and done
She probably did it better than you could ever do


Tell me how will a boy learn to stand on his own
How can he make it all alone
How can he be responsible
If he don't have his daddy to show him how to be there
Not to minimize what his mama does for him
I'm just saying he gone need y'all both
Can you tell me why why why
Does it gotta be so hard to do a daddy job
It's gonna be hard for a boy to be man

[Chorus: x2]

When you missin' his first game
Don't even know the boy's nickname
That's a damn shame
'Cause you suppose to be the man
The daddy, The father
The boy's role model
That's supposed to be you
That's supposed to be you

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