Light Years

  1. Spinning Around

  2. Avec paroles

    On a Night Like This

  3. So Now Goodbye

  4. Disco Down

  5. Loveboat

  6. Koocachoo

  7. Your Disco Needs You

  8. Please Stay

  9. Bittersweet Goodbye

  10. Butterfly

  11. Under The Influence Of Love

  12. I'm So High

  13. Kids

  14. Light Years

  15. Light Years

  16. Spinning Around (7th District Club Mental Mix)

  17. Spinning Around (sharp Vocal Mix)

  18. On A Night Like This (rob Searle Mix)

  19. On A Night Like This (bini And Martini Club Mix)

  20. Please Stay (hatiras Dreamy Dub Mix)

  21. Please Stay (7th District Radio Mix)

  22. Please Stay (7th District Club Flava Mix)

  23. Butterfly (sandstorm Dub)

  24. Your Disco Needs You (casino Mix)

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